2022 Auditions


Saskatoon Youth Orchestra

Prospective members of the SYO senior ensemble should be serious students of their instruments with several years experience. They should have already developed good technique and facility and be able to play with good tone and intonation.

Player candidates will be provided with audition music specific to their instrument and may be asked to play other material to demonstrate proficiency. Only the candidate and the music director will be in the room during the audition.

Auditions are not meant to be stressful, meerly a way of evaluating a player's ability to handle the repertoire and to assign seating positions. And perfection is NOT required! We like to have fun, enjoy playing together and developing our musicianship.

String players who have not yet achieved the minimum level for the senior ensemble should consider auditioning for the Saskatoon Strings. It is a great group, with a wonderful music director, who can help get you ready for your next step.


Auditions planned for the 2022-23 season:

Saskatoon Youth Orchestra Auditions 2022 

Auditions will take place in Room 1036 at the Education Building, in the University of Saskatchewan Department of Music, on May 26-27, and Saturday, June 11.

You can sign up for your audition here:


If you have any questions, particularly if this is your first time auditioning for SYO, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask. You can email our music director Richard Carnegie directly at conductor@syo.ca or Executive Director Paul Sinkewicz at info@syo.ca

Download the required audition music:

Flute http://digioh.com/em/10533/123163/d4hsu83jue?demail=*|EMAIL|*

Clarinet http://digioh.com/em/10533/123161/nxcr8cwaxy?demail=*|EMAIL|*
Oboe http://digioh.com/em/10533/123167/rfrpps9uyk?demail=*|EMAIL|*
Bassoon http://digioh.com/em/10533/123159/w8ckjdzfwv?demail=*|EMAIL|*
Percussion http://digioh.com/em/10533/123168/jmbpkx5rg3?demail=*|EMAIL|*
Piano http://digioh.com/em/10533/123169/euk9z3zwm7?demail=*|EMAIL|*
Harp http://digioh.com/em/10533/123165/pr6825rz6y?demail=*|EMAIL|*
Trumpet http://digioh.com/em/10533/123171/pvxssknf29?demail=*|EMAIL|*
French Horn http://digioh.com/em/10533/123166/89yewyvk4z?demail=*|EMAIL|*
Trombone http://digioh.com/em/10533/123170/wsruyj9jb2?demail=*|EMAIL|*
Bass Trombone http://digioh.com/em/10533/123158/trbk98wkhj?demail=*|EMAIL|*
Tuba http://digioh.com/em/10533/163775/dsrzj3yjc8?demail=*|EMAIL|*
Violin http://digioh.com/em/10533/163779/tmrjwwkn5q?demail=*|EMAIL|*
Viola http://digioh.com/em/10533/163778/pz5fmcbtvu?demail=*|EMAIL|*
Cello http://digioh.com/em/10533/163777/ahaftudpwb?demail=*|EMAIL|*
Double Bass http://digioh.com/em/10533/163776/zhrw3aj24d?demail=*|EMAIL|*                         


Saskatoon Strings

All incoming members of the Saskatoon Strings are required to pass an audition, but don't worry! This is a developmental ensemble. The audition process merely helps the Music Director to choose music that will suit the orchestra on any given year. Members in the past have ranged in age from 10 – 18. It is a fact that the group represents many different levels of playing, and Music Director Bernadette Wilson makes every effort to ensure that everyone in the group has the opportunity to learn, whatever their age, and whatever their level of playing.

Candidates are provided with audition music specific to their instrument and may be asked to play other material to demonstrate proficiency.

Online auditions planned for the 2022-23 season:

Due to the ongoing precautions against the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Saskatoon Strings will be holding auditions for the 2022-23 season remotely.

We will use the programs that most folks are already comfortable with -- Skype and Zoom. If you haven't used one of these programs yet, please choose one and begin to familiarize yourself with its operation.
We will let you know how the sight reading portion of the audition will occur.

Sign up for your audition slot here:



To be added to the audition contact list, please email Paul Sinkewicz at: info@syo.ca

SSTR Audition Materials:

SSTR Violin

SSTR Viola

SSTR Cello

SSTR Double Bass


Expectations of players

The Saskatoon Youth Orchestra and Saskatoon Strings are high-calibre music programs. Our players are expected to learn their music prior to rehearsal and attend all rehearsals and performances.

In addition they are expected to:

  • practice on a regular and continuing basis
  • take weekly private lessons, working on repertoire with your tutor as needed
  • participate in all scheduled events
  • arrive at least 15 minutes prior to rehearsal
  • have a well-maintained instrument capable of being played with good tone and intonation
  • participate in their school music program
  • conform to the concert dress policy
  • represent the SYO Inc. in a creditable manner

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where do the ensembles of the Saskatoon Youth Orchestra Inc. rehearse?

The SYO and Saskatoon Strings rehearse Sunday evenings in the Education Building on the University of Saskatchewan campus. (SYO: 5:45-8:30 p.m., Saskatoon Strings: 5:45-8 p.m.)

What are the ages of the players?

Saskatoon String players are generally 10-18 years of age.

Saskatoon Youth Orchestra players generally start in the 13-14-year-old range and go up to 25 years of age. Younger players may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

What are the fees for the Saskatoon Youth Orchestra Inc.?

Fees for the SYO Inc. are as follows:

SYO (one player): $590. Each additional player (SYO or SSTR) from one family is $350.

SSTR (first player): $450. Each additional player from one family is $270.

Members in the SYO Inc. are required to also be members of the Saskatchewan Orchestral Association. The fees are $25 (first player), $5 (each additional player).

Is there travel involved with these groups?

The Saskatoon Strings does a school tour each spring. A bus is provided for them as well as lunch. The group generally visits about 3 schools. 

The Saskatoon Youth Orchestra travels to Rosthern in September for a retreat and also does one other trip throughout the year.

Is there opportunity for fundraising to cover fees and travel costs?

There are several different options available to players and parents in regards to fundraising. Some of the various activities that are undertaking include: QSP Magazine sales, grocery gift card sales, Saskatoon Youth Orchestra Spring Gala ticket sales and silent auction.

What involvement is expected of parents and players?

Each player must work at Sundog Craft Faire (Early December) and usher for a Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra concert. Two shifts at each event are all that is required for the year and these can be worked by the player or by the player’s parent(s). In addition, parents contribute to the general operation of the organization by completing one or two tasks during the season. Sign-up sheets for these required duties are available at registration. Parents are encouraged to attend parent and board meetings and become involved in the various committees.

Is there a concert dress requirement?

The Saskatoon Youth Orchestra and Saskatoon Strings dress codes are as follows:

SYO males: Black attire, including long-sleeved shirt, tie (optional), suit jacket (optional), long pants, black socks, black dress shoes.

SYO females: All black attire, including dresses and skirts that come at least to the knees, or full length pants, black suit jacket, black hosiery or stockings, black shoes and black blouse (shoulders and midriff must be covered).

SYO players are encouraged to dress stylishly and express their individual styles, within the confines of good taste in keeping with representing the institution of the SYO Inc. in public in a creditable manner.

Saskatoon Strings males: White, long-sleeved dress shirt, black bow tie, black belt (optional), black full length pants, black socks and black shoes.

Saskatoon Strings females: White blouse, black full length pants, or black dress or skirt that comes at least to the knees, black hosiery or socks, black dress shoes.