Rehearsal methods

Consider improving your efficiency by using The Pomodoro Technique. It is a simple, but effective way to organize your time with short, concentrated bursts of productivity, punctuated by five-minute rest periods. It takes the drudgery out of work by breaking tasks down into manageable chunks, and offers the promise of a reward after each section.

Check it out at: Pomodoro Technique and see if you would like to try incorporating it into your rehearsal time.

Learn about the orchestra

Many people say they don’t like orchestral music, and yet instantly recognize The Barber of Seville from Bugs Bunny, or get excited when they hear the theme to Star Wars or Jurassic Park. The truth is orchestral music is like shopping in the produce section of the supermarket. There will be some stuff you like, some stuff you love and those weird green knobby vegetables you don’t recognize and don’t want to try. That’s fine! To help you become more familiar with orchestral music, check out these fun links:

Okay, these next two are more academic and a little dry.

Other ensembles and music organizations in Saskatoon:

University of Saskatchewan Music Ensembles
Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra
The Amati Quartet
Saskatoon Concert Band (and Auxiliary Band)
Saskatoon Philharmonic Orchestra
Saskatoon Brass Band (and Bridge City Brass)
Saskatoon Community Bands
Stone Frigate Big Band
Saskatoon Jazz Orchestra
Saskatoon String Ensemble
Saskatoon Lions Band
Saskatoon Children’s Choir
Heart of the City Piano Program
Saskatchewan Orff Program
Saskatchewan Registered Music Teachers’ Association
The Bassment
Saskatchewan Orchestral Association
The Saskatchewan Band Association
Saskatchewan Choral Federation
Saskatoon Suzuki Strings
Saskatchewan Music Educators Association
Saskatchewan Music Festival Association
Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils
Music for Young Children
Sistema Saskatoon
Conductor School
Saskatchewan Arts Board
Orchestras Canada