Your financial support would mean so much


The Saskatoon Youth Orchestra Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer run organization. Only part of our funding comes from grants. This valuable program couldn’t operate without additional support from the community.

Families bear the largest financial burden to keep the program alive, and we constantly strive to keep our fees down to be as inclusive as possible.

We take seriously our responsibility to pass on the musical legacy of Beethoven and Mozart to the next generation of musicians and inspire them to be a part of the future of orchestral music. But more than that, our players learn discipline, teamwork, responsibility, leadership and creativity, and become key contributors to society after moving on.

Whether by playing professionally or in a local amateur ensemble, by teaching or living a life that includes support for the fine arts, our alumni enrich the cultural mosaic of our city and province.

You can support the mission of the SYO with your financial gift.