The SYO Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization. It exists to serve the needs of the players and their families and to further musical education in our communities. A board of directors is elected at our annual general meeting in the spring. It meets monthly and all are welcome to attend those meetings.

To serve its artistic and administrative needs, the SYO Inc. contracts two part-time music directors and one part-time executive director. But the vast majority of the responsibilities of running the organization fall to our volunteers.

To contact the board of directors, please email

2014-2015 Board of Directors

Carol Ann Patterson Chair
 vacant  Vice-Chair
Jo-Anne Richter Secretary
Dhayanthi Pfeifer Treasurer
Sheila Cole Volunteer Coordinator
Carol Ann Patterson Grants Coordinator
Rana Pudifin Development Coordinator
Steven Selby Member at Large
Mary Lissel Publicity Coordinator
Astrid Johnson SYO Rep
Annie ter Velde SSTR Rep
Rob ter Velde SSTR Rep
Anya Pogorelova Player Rep
David Snell Player Rep

During the 2013-2014 season, the members of the Saskatoon Youth Orchestra (senior ensemble) formed the inaugural SYO Student Executive. The SYO Student Executive is a student-run group that works with, and for, the players of the SYO to foster community within the orchestra. The Student Executive organizes social and student fundraising events with input from the rest of the orchestra. The Student Executive also assists the Board with strategic planning and SYO Inc. fundraising activities. They can be contacted at:

2014-2015 SYO Player Executive

Kayla McKenzie President
Silas Friesen Vice-President
David Snell Secretary
Maribeth Gauthier
Member at Large
Lousia Selby  Member at Large
Nathaniel Christian Treasurer
Anya Pogorelova Publicity Head
Tiess McKenzie Concert Committee Head